Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting Services in Calgary - Interior & Exterior Painters

Commercial Painting Services We Offer:

  • Commercial interior painting
  • Commercial exterior painting
  • Restaurant repainting
  • Office space repainting
  • Retail store repainting
  • Residential development painting
  • Factory/ Warehouse painting

The decision to make significant renovations to your commercial building can be stressful. These are changes that are going to last for years, so you want to make sure to get it right! It’s essential to choose a company that will make a plan for your specific commercial space, walk you through the proposal, and executes it beautifully, efficiently, and affordably. If you’re thinking about repainting inside your business, there are some things you should know going in.

The look inside an office is more important than you might think. Numerous studies have shown that people are happier when they’re in a visually appealing environment (art exists for a reason); likewise, unattractive environments or office spaces can detract from happiness. Employee happiness has been found to raise productivity and boost creativity, and happy workers interact better with customers and even with each other. Unhappy workers are less polite in their dealings with customers, which reflects poorly on the company. Thus, a beautiful paint job can actually improve your entire business!
Repainting your office is an opportunity to signal an entire mood or vibe. For instance, choosing to paint with colors that match your brand logo is a fun way to make people feel part of a team – you walk in, and you are immediately flooded with colors that remind you that you’re proud of the company you work for. Or maybe you want a delicate elegance throughout the building that binds everything together and makes visitors feel comfortable that they’re in good, experienced hands. The colors you use, and the quality of the painting work have a significant impact on how the office is perceived, so it’s important to talk with a commercial painting company about what you’re hoping to achieve. And remember: old, chipped, dingy paint sends a signal of its own – and not a good one.
Clean up during and after the paint job is essential as well. You don’t want a company leaving you with beautiful walls, but dust-covered floors, paint splatter on the ceiling, and scraps lying all around. Professionals should make sure every inch of your business looks perfect, with not a drop of paint or speck of dust left where it shouldn’t be. And while the company is painting, the environment needs to be safe for employees and customers, and everything should be well-ventilated, so the paint smell doesn’t linger longer than it needs to.

 Paintopia Painting & Decorating committed to ensuring top quality work, and a finished product that enhances the entire community, brightening the district as a new work of art on the block. We understand the magnitude of that responsibility and bring dedication and zeal to every project we take on. We will make sure your business stands out so that people walk in and say, “Wow, nice place you’ve got here,” and then keep thinking later about how impressed they were. Call us today for an estimate and to learn about our full line of services. We are the top rated local painting experts, with locations around the country.

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